An elegant 3bhk home with a mix of minimalist and contemporary design.

With a super busy routine but yet a zest to travel around the world, this family had a brief to design their home, to have a tasteful blend of minimalism and elegance together. With contemporary elements well integrated into the entire volume, we have blended both the styles together. The living room oozes pastels from matt finishes to a metallic textured wall with a large size vertical wall art display. The use of wood is minimalist,yet strikes a contrast to the subtle pastels. The special mention is to the contemporary idea of door frames, where the wood makes a picturesque frame to every room entrance door including the main door. The study is an exception to all the wood, where solid grey holds a contrast to the various shades of blue, increasing the level of interest. With a clean and stressfree look for this busy family home, they are happy to live in this stunning space.IMG_0250IMG_0261IMG_0269IMG_0277IMG_0280IMG_0285IMG_0288IMG_0296IMG_0300IMG_0304IMG_0311IMG_0321IMG_0322IMG_0337IMG_0353

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