An IT office in Andheri.Youthful yet corporate.

A brief for this 2000 sft IT business office,in Mumbai was to create a youthful yet a corporate look keeping in mind their ever enthusiastic young team who finds this office an always fun place to work. A detailed plan for accomodating their storage services for IT hardware along with seperate workplace areas for maintenance and accounts staff , has helped built an efficient working environment. Integrating technology like biometrics at every entry points ensures for high security. The classy look and feel for the directors’ cabins with a good mix of veneered and trendy colors has a striking impact. The lobby has been designed with a  minimalist  white look with a subtle veneer as contrast.


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A Smart and trendy compact apartment,Parel.

A compact 500 sft apartment in the heart of Parel, is redone to carve out an extra bedroom. Smart and contemporary use of wood, along with a good mix of pastel and trendy colors, gives this compact space an abundant and a splendid feel. Smart conversion of spaces into multiuse functions along with trendy approach to every element has worked splendid for this compact apartment.

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